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Bruhseum Wiki Edit

This wiki gives information about the vehicles in Bruhseum, notable people, history, and the lore of Bruhseum.

What is Bruhseum? Edit

Bruhseum is a parody/joke game on ROBLOX that features fictional and bizarre vehicles, these vehicles are usually multiple vehicles' parts combined together to create Frankenstein-like vehicles. As of 28/8/2019 (dd/mm/yyyy) there are 150+ vehicles.

Contributors Edit

This game was created in April of 2019 by salakAG123, soon other developers would join him including baubuschaka (aka Baub), itz_koko (Blozya or Rocky), jumbleandrew45 (aka Jumble), and GodGamerZin (aka Zin). Other contributors include arandomusername30 who created the Bruhseum Official Discord Server and tec9meizter who created the Bruhseum Wiki.

WARNING: Bruhseum is a game that can be offensive to some due to its parody vehicles' nicknames that could be considered offensive.

Our epic mascot Edit

Praise our God the Chaltay 2A7

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